Meet Me at the Cross

by Pam Buchanan

Do you remember “The Pelicano?” The year was 1986. The place was Philadelphia. The problem? There was a municipal workers strike.

Because of the strike, the city’s garbage became an enormous pile. Someone decided that the solution was to burn the trash and transport it away from the city in the belly of a ship. “The Pelicano” was chosen. The good news is that the trash left Philadelphia. The bad news was that no one else wanted it. “The Pelicano” held tons and tons of smelly garbage and was adrift on the high seas, seeking some other city or country for disposal. Understandably, no one wanted it.

This true, modern-day event could be an example of our sin problem as referred to in Colossians 2:13. Before the cross, we were dead in our sins and the uncircumcision of our flesh. Just like “The Pelicano,” we had sin on board that created a problem. Sin was, and always will be, a toxic, smelly mess which no one else wants, but God has a solution. He invites us to “meet him at the cross.” Colossians 2:13-14 tells us that God forgave our sins and took them away by nailing them to the cross. The impact for us is a clean ship, no more odor from the nasty cargo, and no more drifting. It is the difference between night and day; between wanted and unwanted, between dead and alive!

In our prayers today, may we rejoice in the truth that God has become the “captain” of our ship. He has the ability to deal with our garbage and make us clean through the power of the cross.

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